History of Tubbs
The facility started life before World War 2 for the workers at the Tubbs Lewis factory and comprised of two shale tennis courts. It fell into disuse in the 1970’s when the factory moved. In 1997, Kingswood Parish Council became aware that the land could be bought and quickly realized its potential as a community facility. After public consultation, it was decided to keep the two-court format, but with one of them having a multi-sport capability, and to include landscaped gardens for the wider public to enjoy. With this decided, the project began.

The funds needed were around £80,000, so a committee was formed to apply for grants and raise money through events. After a lot of hard work by a group of committed villagers, the courts were opened in 2001, only four years after the project was started. Since then, the Jubilee Pavilion has been built (again with the help and generosity of local people) and an all-weather table tennis table added.