Tubbs Turf


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Our Address

Tubbs Turf


Contact address:
Geoff Mansbridge

Ash Tree House

Nind Lane Kingswood


GL12 7QU

Tel (01453) 843480





Registered Charity No. 1111571


Charity Commission

Link to Tubbs Turf 1111571

Keith Miller (Chairman)


Geoff Mansbridge (Secretary)

Tel: 843480


Helen Niddrie

Tel: 842759

Nigel Aldridge

Sally-Anne Barnes (Membership Secr) Tel: 843069


Graeme Stephenson  (Treasurer)

Tel: 521724

Below you will find the management committee contact details.

Please feel free, if you have any concerns, feedback or suggestions to pass them on to any member of our committee or email the address below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


For day to day concerns contact the duty steward as listed on the notice board.


Please note: For tennis lessons enquiries please see the coaching link.

Jeremy Tait

Helen Gibbson

(Primary School Rep)

Gillie Evans


Ken Wood (Parish Council)